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Dear ladies and gentlemen: website is created for the following purposes:

- Serving communities and associations everywhere

- Serve businesses and entrepreneurs in local communities

- Serving local residents and visitors from afar, wanting to get to know local activities and businesses visiting (for example, a visitor from California to Washington DC, looking to find associations Vietnamese group, and Vietnamese eateries in Washington, DC, etc.)

Serving communities and associations everywhere: All communities and nonprofit associations are allowed to register freely and completely free of charge to have their own website on to disseminate news. , photos, audios, videos, schedule of activities / entertainment, etc… So, you don't need to hire a web developer to build a separate website, you don't have to pay for domain and web hosting service every year. All of these services are performed by IT professionals with many years of experience working for

Serving businesses and entrepreneurs in local communities: helps to advertise businesses and entrepreneurs providing free services in the community to residents, in each locality. As a result, businesses and freelance entrepreneurs are known more easily by residents of the community.

Serving local residents and tourists: Also thanks to, residents can access and check out local commercial establishments such as: Food stores, restaurants, car repair shops, shops. nail / barber, home repairer, plumber, doctor's office, pharmacist, lawyer, real estate agent, finance company, etc. or keep track of all births activities of the community and associations in the locality where we live.

Why must use

- News updated daily

- No need to remember many names of different websites, just remember:, wherever you are

- No need to hang out and bring advertisements of crowded houses, just a smartphone can go to, wherever you are.

What are advantages of

Completely free for Vietnamese Community / Non-profit Union

- Communities and associations are closer together, Vietnamese people everywhere can see the activities of other council communities all over the web.

- The commercial advertising establishments in each locality are easy to introduce to customers from all over the world

- Posting articles, announcements, activities, photos / movies is very easy

- Group Email to easily send notifications and news of the association to members.

Please come to support and disseminate for all to benefit.

Sincerely thank you

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